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Stay up to date with me on Twitter (@DavidPAstill21) for all the latest news and comment on sport


I am a freelance sports journalist who enjoys writing analytical sports articles. I regularly publish sports articles on LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter.

I write football analysis articles for Ronnie Dog Media website "Total Football Analysis", as well as being the lead for their social media video team and formally mentored newer analysts.

I have been the Site Lead of Total Rugby Analysis since June 2020.

I formally presented a weekly radio show (called "David Astill's Midweek Late Night Show") on Fly FM, Nottingham Trent University's Student Radio Station, every Wednesday from 8-10pm.

I was also Fly FM's Head of Station Sound for the year of 2018-2019, meaning I was in charge of all production and editing of station on-air branding, imaging, beds, promos, adverts and everything else.

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